ThermoDrive Belting

  • Thermodrive

    Beyond Positive Drive Lies ThermoDrive® Technology

    ThermoDrive® technology optimizes the operational performance of your conveyor system with our patented tensionless belt system. It goes beyond traditional positive drive systems and creates entirely new opportunities for advances in hygienic belt and conveyor design.
  • The Purpose Behind the Belt   

    Improved Sanitation  

    The ThermoDrive belt's solid thermoplastic structure eliminates bacterial harborage, facilitates effective cleaning, and enables achievement of zero-level microorganism counts, all while reducing cleaning time (by up to 75%) and cleaning costs.

    Reduced Maintenance  

    Lightweight and easy to install, ThermoDrive belting eliminates tensioning, tracking, and cleanability issues that often arise with traditional flat belts. The belt's loose conveyor fit eliminates the need for tracking or steering. Users realize significant cost savings due to ThermoDrive belts' longer belt lifeup to five times longer than traditional flat belts, depending on the application.

    Premium Quality

    Intralox utilizes customized equipment to produce ThermoDrive belting's top-of-the-line, homogeneous, solid thermoplastic material. Accessories such as scoops, flights, and synchronized sidewalls are permanently molded to the belt using a "coved" base.

    The premium quality of both the ThermoDrive product and the processes used to manufacture it increase the reliability, performance, and structural integrity of the entire system to guarantee efficiency and food safety.

    Increased Production

    ThermoDrive belts' homogeneous surface enables thorough cleaning and scraping, prevents loss of liquid, and eliminates the possibility of product remnants adhering to, or getting into, the belt material. This improves yield and reliability, as product does not stay on the belt when it's not supposed to.