• ThermoDrive belting ensures reliable, hygienic belting for snack industry applications

    The specialized nature of snack-industry conveyance applications can lead to challenges, especially when snack food conveyor belts or equipment are not expertly engineered. ThermoDrive technology from Intralox ensures reliable, hygienic conveyance across a wide range of snack-industry applications.

    ThermoDrive technology’s positive-drive system, which operates with zero pretension, enables improved reliability, longer belt life, and decreased maintenance and downtime. The ThermoDrive system utilizes homogeneous conveyor belts made of premium quality thermoplastic to ensure the best belt performance. ThermoDrive technology works effectively, and eliminates the problems related to fabric flat belts.

    ThermoDrive belts are available for a variety of applications commonly found in snack-food plants (including incline conveyors) and can be customized with a variety of belt styles and accessories, including:

    • Scoops and Flights
    • Troughing conveyors
    • Synchronized Sidewalls

    Contact an Intralox Snack Industry Customer Service Representative to discuss options for bringing ThermoDrive belting to your plant.


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