Meat Poultry Seafood

  • ThermoDrive technology ensures easier sanitation, improved yield for hygiene-sensitive meat, poultry, and seafood processing

    Intralox’s ThermoDrive technology is the ultimate hygienic solution to simplify sanitation and improve yield for meat, poultry, and seafood processors. Made from solid thermoplastic, the system’s homogeneous conveyor belts—coupled with an innovative hygienic design—serve to virtually eliminate food contamination risks in raw product contact applications, including trim lines, deboning, grading, marinating, and metal detection.

    Customers who utilize ThermoDrive belting benefit from:

    Improved Sanitation

    Reduced Maintenance

    Premium Quality

    Increased Production

    The ThermoDrive system is uniquely flexible for plants and processors due to the array of belt styles and accessories available. This allows plants to utilize ThermoDrive’s homogeneous conveyor belts on a wide range of hygienic applications.

    Contact an Intralox Customer Service Representative to discuss options for equipping your processing areas with ThermoDrive belting.


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