Spiral Evaluation Form Imperial

  • Spiral Evaluation Form (Imperial)

    This form helps you to create the optimal design for your conveying needs.

    By submitting the evaluation form, Intralox will do a free analysis of your design. An Intralox Technical Support representative will contact you to discuss your design and recommend the best belt for the intended purpose.

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  • Personal Info
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    Company Name*    
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    If other, Specify
    Product Processed*
    Is the product being conveyed coming from any of the following heat sources:*  
    If other,Specify  
    Product Properties*  
    How often is belt cleaned?
    Chemicals used
    Product Load*
    Weight Per Piece
    Product Dimensions*
    (L x W x H)
     in  X   in  X   in
    Production Rate
    Production Hours per day
    Loading Pattern
    Incoming Product Temperature*  ˚F
    Operating Environment Temperature*    ˚F
    Minimum Operating Environment Temperature*  ˚F                               
    Maximum Operating Environment Temperature*  ˚F
    Belt Speed*  fpm
    Belt Type  
    Spiralox Belt Types
    If other,Specify
    Belt Accessories
    If other,Specify
    Additional Comments (List problems or concerns with belt or system)


    System Information
    Manufacturer of Spiral*  
    Travel Direction*    
    Rotation Direction:*
    Number of Tiers* spiral 1                  spiral 2 (if applicable)  
    Tier Pitch*    in
    Take Up Travel Length (max.)*  ft     
    Take Up Loop
    Belt Length*  ft
    Minimum Roller Diameter  in
    Spiralox Side view of spiral    
    Drum*             in                    
    Belt Width*     in

    Spiralox Top of Spiral

    Infeed Length(A)*      ft             Discharge Length(B)*     ft
    Distance Between Drums (if double drum, one belt)  ft  
    Spiralox spiral Configuration Thin2
    Spiral 1*     Spiral 2   (if applicable)
    Type of return*    
    Spiral 1*   Spiral 2  (if applicable)
    System Details

    Carryway Rails

    Number of Rails*                   Rail Spacing in
    Overhang*  in 
    Belt Support Structure Material
    Carryway Wearstrip Material*
    If other, Specify
    Type of Drum*
    Cage Bar Dimensions
    ex.. (0.50)
     (A) in         (B) in           (C) in 

    Spiralox Cage Bar Spacing

    Cage Bar Cap Material*
    If other , Specify
    Cap Profile
    Spiralox Cap Profiles
    If other, Specify
    Tier Sensors Every Tier
    Take Up Sensors
    Belt Washer
    Top Tier Hold-Down Saftey Rail
    Return Path Hold-Down Safety Rail
    Product Containment Rail On Tiers
    Number of Variable Frequency Drives
    Additional Comments  

    Once complete, please submit your evaluation form by selecting the "Submit" button below.
    A confirmation email will be sent to you summarizing the information that you provided.
    Thank you for your interest in Intralox.




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