High Temperature

  • High-Temperature Solutions: 

    Engineered to excel in the harshest environments


    Hi-Temp belting from Intralox is lightweight, non-stick, and produces improved yields and a dramatic increase in belt life in high-temperature applications.

    A new, FDA-approved, chemically resistant belt material and unique design qualities give the Hi-Temp belt many advantages over wire belts:

    • Significantly extended belt life
    • Flat surface with few catch points improves product yield and reduces crumb waste
    • Belt design and surface properties minimize oil carryover
    • Easier to repair; reduction in unscheduled downtime from belt ‘crashes’

      Success from the Field
      A major poultry processor replaced its metal fryer belt with the Intralox Hi-Temp belt and experienced a belt service life eighteen times that of the metal belt.

      The plant also noted a nearly 75% reduction in crumb waste, as well as significantly less oil carryover. These results, combined with the belt’s improved product release properties, have enabled this processor to measure considerably improved product quality and yield.

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