Palletizing Infeed Systems

  • ARB Palletizing Infeed Systems:

    Automated Pallet Layer Forming of a Variety of Packages at High Throughput Rates

    Intralox’s ARB palletizing infeed system provides ultimate flexibility for customized pallet layer forming of the most varied products, at the highest throughput rates. Using Activated Roller Belt™ technology, Intralox’s automated palletizing infeed system includes an ARB Case Turner and an ARB Switch.

    The palletizer infeed system provides simple, low-maintenance, automatic palletizing within a small footprint. It precisely arranges packages in a pallet layer configuration, ensuring proper formation; or, it can feed single or dual rows to layer forming robots. Most traditional palletizers can be retrofitted with ARB technology.

    Benefits of ARB Palletizing Infeed Systems:

    • All the benefits of patented ARB technology
    • Create accurate pallet patterns, consistently and reliably
    • Will accommodate changing package materials, sizes, and layer patterns with simple controls software modifications only
    • Handle products gently, without grippers or bumpers
    • Increase worker safety
    • Have only one drive and few actuators

    Ideal solution for...

    • Handling a variety of product sizes (as small as 4 in. x 4 in. [100 mm x 100 mm] with no maximum) and types (cases, tray packs, 2-liter shells, litho-packs, bundles, pouches, polybags, shrink-wrapped packages)
    • High-speed palletizing to meet higher throughput rates (225 packages per minute / 10 layers per minute)
    • Low-speed palletizing to double the throughput of a robot cell within a small area (25–50 packages per minute / 5–6 layers per minute)
    • Creating complex pallet layers or rows of mixed package types and sizes
    • Eliminating product damage

    ARB technology available:

    ARB™ Pallet Layer Former S400
    ARB™ Pallet Layer Former S7000
    ARB™ Pallet Row Former S400

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