Mixing and Millroom

  • Mixing and Millroom

    Improved efficiency, reduced downtime

    More than 12,000 mixing and millroom installations have reduced downtime and maintenance costs for global tire manufacturers around the world by thousands of dollars per year. Some, with payback on investment in as little as two months. Proven applications include: mixer infeed (weigh and charge conveyors), mixer take-away conveyors, mill-to-mill conveyors, dip tank conveyors, festoon pull-out conveyors, and wig-wag/stacker conveyors. Our proven solutions for mixing and millroom will:

    Minimize belt repairs

    Eliminate slippage and mistracking

    Decrease sticking and rubber jams

    Avoid edge damage

    Minimize the potential of rubber contamination

    View our Mixing Portfolio to see all of our solutions and find out how we can help optimize every application in this area of your plant.By optimizing your plant with Intralox’s comprehensive portfolio of products and guarantees, you’ll experience powerful operational effectiveness. 
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