• Descrambling pallet layers at high rates and with fewer controls

    Intralox’s Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) Pallet Layer Descrambler S400 enables you to singulate and orient packages uniformly and with few controls. Our ARB technologies allow customers to descramble high numbers of items within each pallet layer, at up to six layers per minute. You can also use this technology in depalletizing a large range of product sizes and package types, and receive layers from robotic depalletizers.

    As a result, the Pallet Layer Descrambler S400 handles complex pallet layers easily and efficiently prepares products for downstream applications.



    Other Common Applications
    High-speed 90-degree sorting
    Bulk sorting
    Polybag handling
    Mini load AS/RS infeeding/outfeeing
    Zone picking 

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