Intralox Drive Unit

  • Intralox Drive Unit

    Powered by Tensionless Technology™

    The Intralox® Drive Unit—in combination with ThermoDrive® belting—delivers reliable, predictable, food safe belt conveyance. Eliminate belt drive slip, complex tensioning procedures, tension-related mistracking, and belt stretch with this pre-engineered belt drive.
  •  The Intralox Drive Unit

    Intralox Drive Unit scraper

    Suitable for new or used conveyors, the Intralox Drive Unit is easy to install, delivers turnkey performance, and immediately improves the efficiency of your conveyor. This robust mechanical belt drive system uses patented Intralox technology to eliminate tensioned belt system risks and costs. 


    • Minimize food safety risks
    • Reduce product loss and carry over
    • Eliminate mistracking and downtime
    • Improve installation with tool-free setup and removal
    • Reduce maintenance and sanitation costs

    Significant Results

    • Resume startup immediately after cleaning cycles
    • Run scheduled production without interruptions
    • Operate in a broad range of applications
    • Extend life of conveyor components and belting
    • Simplify access to belt circuit and conveyor components
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