Intralox ThermoDrive® Conveying Technology Honored with Japan’s 2011 Nisshoku Excellent Food Equipment Award

Nisshoku Excellent Food Equipment, Material and Ingredient AwardAugust 2011- Intralox’s ThermoDrive® technology, a food-safe conveying solution for hygienic food processing operations, was recently recognized with the Japan Food Journal’s 2011 Nisshoku Excellent Food Equipment, Material, and Ingredient Award.

Given by the Japan Food Journal since 1998, the Nisshoku Excellent Food Equipment, Material, and Ingredient Awards recognize the products and innovative technologies that have contributed to revitalizing the food industry in Japan. The selection committee looks for products that help to reduce costs and improve efficiency in food processing, are especially innovative, or have led the food industry toward new developments.

Intralox’s innovative ThermoDrive® conveying technology was selected for its contributions to food processing in meat, poultry, seafood, fruit & vegetable, bakery, snack, and other foods in providing improved productivity and ensuring easy, hygienic management. ThermoDrive technology features the best of flat belting and modular plastic belting, with a homogenous, continuous belt surface and sprocket-driven operation. It routinely delivers such results for processors as reduced cleaning time and costs, improved bacteria counts, and less product waste.

ThermoDrive belting is available in various materials, surface thicknesses, and styles, such as Flat Top, Nub Top™, and Embedded Diamond Top, to equip specific applications in a variety of food-processing industries. ThermoGienic flights and scoops make ThermoDrive technology an ideal hygienic solution for conveyor inclines. Intralox also offers quick and easy ThermoDrive joining options, including ThermoLace™.

Intralox was one of twelve companies to receive a Nisshoku Excellent Food Equipment, Material, and Ingredient Award. There were four other recipients in the Equipment category.