Moy Park

Intralox DirectDrive System Saves Moy Park Time and Costs


Customer Objectives
Moy Park’s spiral freezer for breaded chicken portions was using a high maintenance, grid-with-mesh metal belt that required replacing every 3-4 years. In the last four months of using this metal belt, Moy Park suffered 25 hours of downtime due to repairs and replacements occurring once or twice a week.

Intralox Execution
Moy Park knew about modular plastic belting solutions in spiral applications due to their long relationship with Intralox as a preferred supplier. The DirectDrive System’s zero overdrive was the deciding factor to replace the metal belt with the Intralox Series 2800 belt.

Less belt tension that almost completely eliminated maintenance is the biggest victory for Moy Park. Since Intralox’s installation in September 2012, Moy Park has experienced nearly zero downtime and requires a negligible amount of maintenance. DirectDrive simplified operation and allowed for the primary spiral motor to be removed.
Moy Park is very pleased with the results and plans to use Intralox for their next spiral retrofit opportunity.
“Since the DirectDrive has been installed by Intralox, we have hardly had to carry out any maintenance on the belt. We have not had to worry about it from a maintenance perspective, and the improvement has been amazing. The reduction in downtime has also been drastic,” says the engineering management team.


Moy Park

Craigavon, Northern Ireland

Spiral freezer/breaded chicken portions

DirectDrive Series 2800

Global leader, supplying to major European supermarket chains