Gruppo Petti

Intralox Spiral Belts Deliver Problem-Free Cooling of Tomato Pouches

"Thanks to the quality of Intralox, we have almost zero maintenance and no risk of downtime.  Intralox's belts are definetly the best choice for this crucial application."

Background & Challenge
Gruppo Petti, a group of six agricultural products manufacturers headquartered in Salerno, Italy, produces a wide range of tomato and tomato-based products, including tomato pouches.

At its plant in Nocera Superiore (SA),Gruppo Petti’s workers placed pouches into baskets to allow them to cool to room temperature before sending them to the packaging area. This process took several days, and manual labor was required (to transfer the pouches to and from the baskets).

The plant sought to improve this process,but had trouble deciding what equipment, if any, to install. Using water to cool the pouches was not an option, since wet pouches would damage the boxes used to pack the product. The plant also wished to avoid using metal belting due to puncture risks.

Gruppo Petti chose to install a new aircooling spiral that utilizes two Intralox belts: a Series 2200 Radius Flush Grid belt (within the spiral), and a Series 1100 Flush Grid Friction Top belt (at the spiral’s infeed and outfeed).

Specially designed for spiral applications, the S2200 Radius Flush Grid belt allows for uniform product cooling that is efficient and automatic. Using this belt in combination with the S1100 Flush Grid Friction Top belt ensures tight belt-to-belt transfers. Both belts prevent product damage; provide enhanced product orientation and stability; and require virtually no maintenance. The combination of the two belts offers the ultimate solution for this application.

Since installing the belts, the plant has experienced zero downtime, zero product damage, and zero maintenance. This has equaled cost savings for the plant, which has helped enhance the profitability of Gruppo Petti’s operations. The Intralox solution has proved ideal for Gruppo Petti’s needs. 


Gruppo Petti


Cooling Spiral for tomato pouches


Intralox Series 2200 and 1100 Flush Grid belts


Zero downtime

Zero product damage

Zero maintenance

Cost savings that equal increased profits