Major International Soft Drink Producer

Intralox Tailors its Turnkey Retrofit Solution for the Pasteurizer

Due to chemical fatigue, an international soft drink producer was taxed with replacing its pasteurizer belts every two to three years at the high cost of €50.000 per belt. As the company’s production runs 24/7, downtime related to unscheduled breakdowns and/or slow reaction time is extremely detrimental.

The company sought a low-maintenance solution that would allow it to allocate in-house resources to other activities, keeping overall downtime to a minimum.

Intralox was selected to supply a solution as it was able to offer the total package:

  • A single point of contact and responsibility to perform quick upgrades that reduce overhaul and scheduled downtime, often producing savings such as a €100.000
    reduction in cost of ownership.
  • Unmatched services such as direct contact and 24/7 support, and extended written performance guarantees like the six-year belt life warranty.

Two pasteurizer solutions were retrofitted in the past year. The initial phase of the retrofits included an audit in which the Intralox team inspected the previous pasteurizers before presenting the project timeline. Throughout the retrofit, Intralox ensured that project management was running smoothly:  the company was updated regularly on the installation phases, outcomes of the performance tests, and progress of the future operators’ training. Once the retrofit was complete, Intralox continued to test belt modules at scheduled intervals and prepared belt life chemical resistance reports for the company.


A major international soft drink producer exporting to more than ninety countries worldwide


Pasteurizer turnkey retrofit


To find a chemical-resistant pasteurizer solution with a quick turnkey retrofit option that would ensure a lower cost of ownership


Professionally prepared, audited, and managed turnkey installation of Enduralox™ solution

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