Consistent Cleaning in Less Time with Intralox EZ Clean Solution

“We have been able to reduce cleaning time by half, and we have more consistent results.”


Vezet, one of the biggest fresh cut producers in Holland, processes fresh cuts such as broadleaf, spring mix, baby spinach, and shredded mixes as well as ready-to-eat meal salads at its plant in Warmenhuizen.

Vezet approached Intralox when seeking to improve sanitation efficiency at two of its elevators—the fresh cut elevator to the washer and an elevator carrying ready-meal salad components like tuna and cheese (a particularly crucial area with continuously increasing hygiene standards). Vezet wanted to decrease the sanitation time required for thorough and consistent cleaning of the elevators to allow for more production time and a more efficient use of human resources.

Intralox recommended its EZ Clean In Place (CIP) System, a spray-bar system that is engineered to thoroughly clean the belt underside, sprockets, and shafts. For the high-care salad preparation area, Vezet chose an Intralox Turnkey Retrofit (TKR) solution (supported by technical and hygiene specialists), installing two EZ CIP Systems on a new elevator along with Intralox’s Angled EZ Clean Sprockets.

After installation, Vezet recorded a 50%+ reduction in cleaning time. Now, workers spend much less time cleaning, and cleaning consistency is greatly improved as a result of the semi-automatic sanitation. This improvement has allowed Vezet to gain valuable time in its busy production schedule. The company plans to install Intralox EZ Clean In Place Systems on at least eight other elevators.

Rinus Bakker, Technical Department Head at Vezet, reported, “We have been able to reduce cleaning time by half, and we have more consistent results.” 


Vezet, a major Dutch fresh cut producer


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