Taylor Farms

Time and Money Gained by Taylor Farms with Intralox Conveyance Solutions


Taylor Farms, a California-based fresh cut producer, supplies ready-to-eat salads and fresh fruit to retail and food service industries. The company’s plants in Salinas, California, and Yuma, Arizona, process broadleaf greens, spring mixes, and baby spinach.

At the Salinas plant, Taylor Farms was experiencing enough product loss at its scale feed elevators to where optimal production efficiency was hindered. Keeping product loss to a minimum during conveyance is especially important in the production of high-value products like spinach and spring mixes. When these products adhere to the conveyor belt surface, valuable leaves become costly waste. Even after installing an air knife at the elevators to combat this problem, Taylor Farm was unable to decrease product loss to an acceptable level.

As a satisfied customer, Taylor Farms contacted Intralox to identify a cost-effective solution to improve product loss in its incline applications. Intralox recommended a modular plastic conveyor belt that is carefully designed to resist product sticking while facilitating drainage in fresh cut applications.

Soon after installing the Intralox solutions, Taylor Farms began realizing compelling results with the new Intralox technology. Intralox’s nonstick belt performed so well in the elevator application that product loss due to adhesion was quickly reduced by approximately 90%—equal to 90 pounds of product per elevator per day. Additionally, with the new Intralox belt, Taylor Farms also achieved energy savings by improving product release. With these results, Taylor Farms will receive a payback in less than six months. 


Taylor Farms


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To reduce product loss, which incurs high-value waste