• Hydrochilling:

    Intralox spiral belt material offers superior performance in difficult hydrochilling applications.


    Intralox spiral belts are constructed of non-corrosive and non-hydroscopic thermoplastic materials, which eliminate the problem of pouch leakage due to damage from metal belt edges or shards. They have a high load-carrying capacity, enabling them to effectively carry heavy pouches. And because our spiral belts are light and run with low tension, motors use fewer amps, thus reducing annual kilowatt usage and energy costs.

    Benefits of the DirectDrive System™ (DDS™) for hydrochilling:

    Maximizes cooling efficiency and line speed by enabling pouches to be placed directly on the belt (no need for trays or cardboard)

    Eliminates pouch movement, misalignment, and jamming; ensures correct pouch and product alignment

    Eliminates overdrive

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