FoodSafe Solutions

  • The future of food safety starts here

    Intralox is the world’s leading pioneer of safe food conveyance, with a product line of the most hygienic belts available for food production.  We know that total sanitation is a strategy that extends beyond the conveyor belt.  Our partnership with Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox company, leverages their unparalleled expertise with our state-of-the-art conveyance technologies to help plant owners and operators design the safest environments possible.

    Together, we offer plants the opportunity to work with our experts to create a future-facing plan of action designed to get and keep your business running optimally.

    The Intralox and Commercial Food Sanitation partnership brings long-term value to our customer through helping them to:

    • Meet food safety objectives and FSMA compliance while achieving peak operational efficiency
    • Reduce the risk of contamination and product recalls
    • Maintain optimal sanitation standards
    • Reduce cost of ownership
    • Enhance brand reputation
    • Ensure long-term profitability through consumer confidence

    We go beyond providing our customers with healthy, safe food conveyance solutions by leading them to build sustainable sanitation programs and improve the standards of the industry.