FoodSafe Services

  • Because sanitation is a way of life

    Integrated Four-Step Approach to Food Sanitation

    Commercial Food Sanitation delivers sustainable solutions for food safety, risk management, operational efficiency and brand protection.   Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox company, addresses food safety and sanitation challenges through strategic consulting, training and education.  Our team of experts has extensive industry experience providing customers with the right safe food processes, procedures and tool recommendations that allow customers to operate optimally well into the future.  We do this with a fully integrated four-step approach.


    Each service includes an initial assessment to determine where the greatest risks lie. 

    We work with the sanitation teams to develop a strategic plan of action that addresses those risks and allows the customer to maintain it into the future, based on details and data.

    Educate and Implement
    Our experts educate the customer and his entire team on the plan details, including the most effective ways to clean, document procedures and execute efficiently and effectively.  Team members are instructed via on the job training, classroom training or a combination of the two.  From there, we help implement the plan in a sustainable way that allows customers to retain their success long after we leave.

    Later, we verify results for the customer, evaluating the effectiveness of the current plan and indentifying areas for ongoing improvement, if necessary.