EZ Roller Retrofit

  • EZ Roller Retrofit:

    Greater Flexibility and Elimination of Production Downtime

    An Intralox EZ Roller Retrofit is the optimal solution for customers who need to effectively convey small packages or reduce packaging material, such as pads or trays, without sacrificing line efficiency.

    “Since we ventured into the roller retrofits with Intralox, I haven’t had a desire to look anywhere else.” 

    This is what the maintenance manager of the largest independent Pepsi bottling company in the U.S. reported after his company experienced a dramatic 4.5% increase in efficiency after undergoing an EZ Roller Retrofit.

    What makes the EZ Roller Retrofit so quick and easy?
    The EZ Roller retrofit components form an instant carryway on top of existing straight or curved roller conveyors. All required components are pre-prepared so that you never have to take out the existing rollers.

    What should you do when your roller conveyors hinder productivity?

    Option 1: Buy New Conveyors

    If you’ve budgeted for new conveyors, consider investing in Intralox-equipped conveyors, which are proven to be more reliable and can effectively handle all future packaging challenges.

    • Package handling flexibility
    • Handles faster line speeds, accommodating increased production capacity
    • Product orientation maintained

    Option 2: Convert to EZ Roller Retrofit System

    A cost-effective method for permanently eliminating roller problems, while at the same time benefiting from the reliability and flexibility that would be achieved with a conveyor replacement.

    • A roller retrofit with Intralox takes 50% less time than installing a new conveyor
    • Less installation time = less production downtime