Spiral Cooling and Freezing

  • Innovative Solutions for Dairy Spirals

    Designed to optimize every aspect of your spiral systems from pre-installation to maintenance and monitoring, Intralox® spiral solutions help customers increase efficiency and maximize profitability. Our history of innovating dairy spiral conveyor belts, combined with our industry-leading support and expertise, safeguards against performance issues in critical spiral freezers and coolers.

    Simplify Your Spiral Cooling and Freezing 

    The Intralox DirectDrive™ System (DDS™) eliminates overdrive, performs without interruption, and makes operation of your mission-critical equipment reliably smooth. Its patented operating system allows the belt edge to engage directly with the drum, simplifying operations and reducing tension.

    DDS delivers an array of benefits to dairy plants, including:

    • Increased product load capacity to maximize throughput and productivity
    • Reductions in product loss, maintenance, and total cost of ownership
    • Improved efficiency and the elimination of unscheduled downtime
    • Increased belt life due to reduced belt tension
    • Consistent product orientation
    • Reliable, consistent performance


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