• Curing:

    Eliminate tire jams on trench lines in the curing area


    Tire manufacturers worldwide are saving money on their trench conveyor lines by switching to an Intralox system. With the Intralox Transverse Roller Top (TRT) solution, tire plants can predict the transfer time of product from the cooling conveyor after the press to the trench conveyor—a transfer that is unpredictable when using a flat belt due to the friction between the tire and the rubber belt (which often results in tire jams).

    The Intralox solution for trench lines eliminates tire jams that often result in scrap tires and costly downtime, therefore reducing labor needs. Based on many installations in tire plants across the globe, Intralox customers generally receive payback of investment from reduction of scrap tires within two years of installing an Intralox trench line solution.

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