Elevating and De-elevating

  • Intralox spiral technology: An innovative solution for spiral elevators and lowerators


    Intralox’s spiral solution for elevating and de-elevating in container plants, the patented DirectDrive System™ ensures energy-efficient conveyance without the need for complicated operating controls. An innovative alternative to vacuum elevators and lowerators in the wet can area, this spiral technology improves can handling and flow while minimizing maintenance and energy needs and enabling greater accumulation within a smaller footprint.           

    Operable in wet can areas: The DirectDrive System eliminates overdrive, engaging the belt edge directly with the spiral drum. The belt is therefore driven without friction between the drum and belt edge. This allows the spiral to operate in the wet can area with zero slip.

    Enhanced energy efficiency: Because this solution for spiral elevators and lowerators requires neither blowers nor a demist system, it reduces energy consumption by more than 70%.

    Easier to clean and maintain than vacuum systems: This system requires neither air pipes nor a demisting system. This reduces cleaning and maintenance costs, as well as the amount of time spent on those (and related) tasks.

    Simplified controls: The DirectDrive System eliminates the need for the complicated controls and primary motors so often associated with spiral technologies. Delays and lags during startup are eliminated, as is the need for friction inserts.

    Greater carrying capacity: The system’s unique design allows spirals to carry larger and heavier product loads while maintaining correct product orientation and reducing the risk of spiral failure.

    Helps maintain total plant air pressure: This equipment does not require the use of a vacuum; therefore, the DirectDrive System does not negatively impact air pressure within the plant.



    Intralox DirectDrive System for Spirals