• Our success is dependent upon talented employees with a commitment to excellence.

    Message from Edel Blanks, President and General Manager of Intralox

    Welcome to our website, and thanks for taking the time to explore a career at our company.

    Intralox is the global leader in modular plastic conveyor belt technology. Our mission is to create significant economic value for our customers by improving efficiency in their conveying systems. In simple terms, we solve our customers’ problems: the big ones, the small ones—the ones that impact their bottom lines. Our focus is to make our customers more successful.

    We make it happen by living simple truths:

    • We invent. Over thirty years ago, we invented modular plastic belts to solve problems associated with traditional rubber conveyor belts used in food industries. Since then, we have pioneered industry after industry, from tire manufacturing to consumer goods case handling. Along the way, we have developed specialized solutions for our customers, including software programs, remote sensory devices, belt life prediction tools, and physics-based product handling simulation tools. 
    • We provide extraordinary service. Our customers can’t afford downtime caused by a conveyor belt. Everyone at Intralox understands this. It’s why we’re passionate about offering the best business-to-business service in the world.
    • We listen to our customers. We consult closely with our customers, understand their conveyor issues, and then tailor solutions to improve efficiency.
    • We work hard. We’re a fast-growing, successful company. This kind of success comes from hard work and intensity—a commitment to be the best and the desire to do “extra” for our customers.  
    • We have fun. We’re informal and team-based, and we make a point of having fun at work. If you walk through any of our locations in the Americas, Europe, or Asia-Pacific, you can see what a unique and fun place Intralox is to work.

    Take the time to explore the career opportunities that Intralox offers. We are always looking for motivated, committed, talented, self-managed people.


    Kind Regards,

    Edel Blanks

    President and General Manager