Beverage and Brewery Industry

  • Optimum speed and flexibility for brewery and beverage conveyance efficiency.

    Intralox provides a broad range of solutions to optimize your entire brewery and beverage operations. Our product portfolio includes award-winning Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology that supplies increased throughput and system reliability, combined with gentle handling and the ongoing flexibility to manage future packaging innovations.  With innovative modular plastic belting and automated equipment for handling heavy cases of fragile glass, or difficult PET bottles, small packages, and more, Intralox provides performance-driven results globally.

    Intralox has provided solutions to the brewery and beverage industries for over 40 years, with a team of experts who provide simulation and testing services to our customers.  As multinational brewers and beverage producers shift their emphasis to growth in developing nations, and existing markets open to craft brews and brands, Intralox remains able to serve everyone with support for all international markets.   

    Intralox offers innovative solutions, with a dedicated industry-specific team that specializes in layout optimization of your plant’s most crucial areas.  Take a further look at some of the technologies Intralox has to offer.

    Belt Solutions
    Mass Handling
    Low back pressure accumulation
    Inclined and Declined Conveyors
    Accumulation Table

    Beverage Equipment Solutions
    Palletizing Infeed Systems
    Depalletizing Systems
    Sortation Systems
    Case Turners
    Whisper Laner
    Powered Transfer

    Belt Solutions
    Straight running belt
    Tight transfer with small pitch
    Radius with and without bearing edge
    Boxed belt
    Low back pressure accumulation
    Warmer, cooler, and pasteurizer
    Accumulation Table