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  • The first ever magnetic conveyor belt for pan handling

    The Intralox Series 1400 ProTrax™ belt is a magnetic double-strand belt solution for pan inclines, declines, vertical switches, and more. This belt provides a stable performance with an extraordinary belt life, even in hot, dry, and oily environments.

    Innovative design

    The ProTrax belt’s innovative design alternates between rows of traditional modular plastic belting and rows embedded with strong, rare Earth magnets. Available in both blue acetal and dark brown nylon, this pan area conveyor belt provides reliable incline/decline performance in angles of up to 30 degrees.

    Improved production

    The ProTrax belt’s modular plastic construction eases repairs and replacements while also reducing the risk of contamination often caused by belt edge fray. A smooth plastic belt surface significantly reduces pan wear—a common steel chain side effect—extending pan life and reducing replacement costs.

    In addition to the ProTrax magnetic conveyor belt, Intralox has a variety of standard pan-handling conveyance solutions. Contact Intralox Customer Service to learn more. 

      Please contact Intralox for help with the design of your new bakery applications or for improvement of your existing ones.


      “Because of the use of Intralox modular plastic belts instead of our old steel belts, we reduced our maintenance and cleaning costs by 50%. Another big advantage was the reduction of the noise level that occurred from the steel belts. Whenever we consider purchasing a new transport system, we always check if we can use Intralox modular plastic belts!” 

      Mr. von Känel, GM, Fortisa AG, Solothurn, Switzerland

      “Using Intralox instead of stainless table top chains for pan-handling applications in our plant, we reduced our maintenance hours from seventeen per month to zero. We eliminated our lubrication costs by 100% and saved over EUR 12 000 per year in labor costs. 

      In addition to the operational benefits, I can’t say enough about the improvements in noise levels at our plant. The combination of Intralox belts for our pan-handling applications has significantly improved the safety and working conditions of our people in production.” 

      G.J. Venema, Maintenance Manager, Smithuis Bakkerij BV, Oldenzaal, the Netherlands  

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