Packaging Area

  • Packaging Area:

    Our goal is to reduce costs in bakery packaging areas.


    Our newest material-handling applications are focusing on reducing transfers, improving product orientation and reliability, and allowing for handling a wider range of product sizes, weights, and shapes.

    Due to the variety of products that are produced in a bakery line, the packaging area must be prepared to handle products with diverse characteristics, while keeping costs as low as possible. 

    Intralox has developed new solutions for singulation, merging, switching, sorting, turning, and more that will help you increase the range of products you can handle in your packaging areas—all while decreasing costs and taking the best care of your products and the safety of your employees.

    Intralox has a dedicated Package & Material Handling Team that can help you meet the most challenging requirements in your packaging line.  

    Whether you are planning to install a new packaging line or improve your existing equipment, Intralox will help you to find the best solution.