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    Advanced Handling Systems, Inc.   

    Intralox's ARB Merge eliminates poly-bag jams for a large retail distribution center.

    Associated Food Stores    Associated Foods eliminates manual labor in mixed case pallet building process.


    Activated Roller Belt technology with layout optimization resolves Attianese’s palletizing challenges.

    Beuralia    Intralox DARB™ technology enhances Beuralia's sorting line.

    Bindaree Beef    Intralox ARB™ Switch plays integral role in successful MAP project.

    Brødrene Dahl    Intralox DARB™ Sorter Handles Varied Products for Brødrene Dahl

    Canélia    ARB Switch Enables Canélia to Launch New Pallet Format

    Carlsberg    Carlsberg plant maximizes throughput of beer can line with Intralox ARB™ Switching equipment.

    DPD    DPD Best turns to Intralox to sort out a better solution.

    Favid Société Nouvelle    ARB™ equipment improves safety for workers with no moving parts.

    Fonterra    Intralox DARB technology enhances Fonterra’s cheese sorting conveyor.

    Groupe Doux    Increased production with a quick payback achieved with Intralox solutions.

    Grupo Petrópolis    Intralox ARB™ Switch S7000 Provides Reliability and Saves Total Cost of Ownership by 99%

    Gruppo Petti    Intralox spiral belts prove ideal for air-cooling spiral for tomato pouches.

    Haband    Poly bags no longer hard-to-handle with cost-effective Intralox merge solution.

    Helmers Maschinenbau   

    Intralox ARB Technology Enables Meat Processor to Save Millions


    Major Global Apparel Manufacturer    Compact, unique merging solution saves DC $240,000.

    Marie    ARB Singulation System Eliminates Jams and Reduces Labor for Marie

    Mondelez International    Intralox’s DARB Sorter: "First Time Right" for Mondelez

    Naarmann    Intralox helps Naarmann increase flexibility and reduce maintenance.

    North American Beef Plant   

    Beef plant expected to save over $200,000 annually with Intralox ARB™ retrofit.

    Opici Wine Company    Unique Intralox sorting solution increases throughput rate by 30%.

    Parcel Express Company    Improved scanner throughput and ten-month payback with Intralox singulator solution.

    PepsiCo    Intralox partners with PepsiCo to increase capacity and reduce labor requirements.

    Procordia Food AB    Procordia Food AB increases filler efficiency by 8% with Intralox ARB™ layout optimization.

    Prominent Candy Manufacturer    ARB Switch Sweetens Production for Candy Manufacturer

    Sanfelice    Zero maintenance Activated Roller Belt™ solution provides a 10% increase in line output.

    Sara Lee    By installing Intralox’s automated singulator solution, Sara Lee reduces labor requirements by two employees per day.

    SNV LDC Group   

    SNV 53 (LDC Group) improves working conditions and reliability of order preparation.

    Socopa    Socopa optimizes production line layout with Intralox's ARB technology.

    SuKarne Agroindustrial    Intralox Creates Continuous Conveyance System for SuKarne

    Sunny Delight    Intralox ARB™ Switch eliminates maintenance and risk of unexpected breakdowns.

    TNT Express France    Smoother parcel flow for improved efficiency in sortation.

    Unilever    Unilever plant gains its independence with flexible, automated Switch solution.

    Unilever - Argentina    Intralox Technology Improves Productivity for Unilever

    Washington Fruit Co. & RH Brown   

    DARB Sorter Ensures Desired Throughput and Product Integrity

    Zuivelhoeve    Intralox ARB™ transfer solution provides a 20% increase in efficiency for Zuivelhoeve Dairy.