• Accessories and Wearstrips Complete Your Conveying Solution


    Intralox offers the following standard accessories:

    • Flights
      Intralox flights are available in a variety of styles: smooth surface straight, ribbed surface straight, Nub Top™ surface straight, bent flights, scoops, and buckets. Flights are molded in a variety of standard heights and may also be cut down to non-standard heights.
      Streamline flights  Buckets


    • Sideguards
      Intralox sideguards are available in a universal design. For the Series 800 Open Hinge Flat Top belt and other Series 800 belt styles, Molded-in Sideguards are available. Sideguards come in a variety of standard heights and can be also cut down to non-standard heights.
      Sideguards  Sideguards 


    • Finger Transfer PlatesFinger transfer plates
      For Raised Rib belt styles, Intralox has designed finger transfer plates in a variety of styles and materials to accommodate your application.


    • Retainer Rings
      For the fixation of the center-most sprocket, Intralox offers a variety of retainer rings, from Standard Retainer Rings for light-duty applications to Split Collar Retainer Rings for heavy-duty applications. All are available in the standard shaft sizes.
      Standard retainer ring   Split collar retainer ring 


    • Additionally, Intralox offers special accessories such as Scroll Idlers, Hold Down Rollers or Tabs, and EZ Retrofit components.
      Scroll  Hold down roller  Snap-on carryway



    Intralox offers a wide variety of wearstrips for both straight-running and radius belts, available in standard and special materials:

    • Flat wearstrips
    • Flat finger-joint wearstrips
    • Angle and clip-on wearstrips
    • Radius belt wearstrips
    • Corner tracks (for Series 4000 Sideflexing belts)