• IntraloxIntelligence, the intelligent way to manage your spirals

    IntraloxIntelligence is the patented innovation that gives you the power to maintain optimal spiral performance with continuous operational insight. You’ll reduce your total cost of ownership and improve operational equipment effectiveness with this monthly subscription service.

    Spiral Data Collection: A sensor node, designed to operate in harsh process conditions, travels along the entire belt path and captures a full profile of your spiral system. Your spiral’s tension, overdrive, and helix path temperature are monitored remotely through RFID technology.

    Dedicated Portal: You and the Intralox technical group have continuous access to live data, statistical analysis, and trend reports streamed directly to your dedicated portal, any time of day or night.

    Diagnostic Analysis: Intralox specialists analyze data trends with advanced statistical software, helping you to reduce the risk of process disruption.

    Expert Results: Intralox’s Senior Spiral Experts are available to assist in interpreting your spiral data and to provide customized recommendations during quarterly diagnostic reviews. This powerful combination of insight plus expertise allows your production, maintenance, and management teams to optimize your system’s performance.

  • Case Studies

    • Beretta
      Intralox Spiral Optimization solves debris and maintenance problems for Salumificio Fratelli Beretta.
    • Gourmand
      Intralox’s DirectDrive installation on Gourmand’s freezer line has proven successful with Gourmand reporting no product loss and no intermediate cleanings scheduled.
    • Schulze & Burch
      Intralox DirectDrive™ System Delivers Dynamic Savings for Schulze & Burch
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