Agro Sevilla

Intralox's Solution for Pasteurizers: Still Going Strong, Ten Years On

"The pasteurizer is the heart of the line. Thanks to Intralox, my pasteurizer has run for 45,000 hours without any problems."

Agro Sevilla is a leading producer, packer, and exporter of olives and Spanish olive oil. At its plant in Seville, Spain, olives are packaged into cans and glass jars that must be pasteurized before shipment. The plant, which annually generates more than 57,000 tons of product, operates 20 hours a day for up to 300 days each year.

Seeking to increase production capacity, officials at the Seville plant undertook a plant redesign. Part of this redesign called for the installation of two new pasteurizer belts that could withstand the increased plant production schedule and the stressful conditions of the application. Because problem-free pasteurizing is critical to the plants success, Agro Sevilla needed a reliable belting solution.

Agro Sevilla decided to equip its pasteurizer with two Series 400 Raised Rib belts from Intralox. This belt features thicker modules and larger rods to increase durability and extend belt life. Agro Sevilla chose the Intralox solution based on favorable past experiences with Intralox's products, services, and guarantees.

The S400 Raised Rib belts were installed in 2003. Amazingly, despite the plant's heavy production schedule and output, neither belt has ever needed replacement, nor have they required any maintenance, even after more than 45,000 production hours. Plant officials have been very satisfied.

Javier Gil, who oversees the plant's general maintenance, praised Intralox's service offerings in particular: We are pleased that the Intralox solution includes not only verification of the correct conveyor design, but also a free annual performance review, with Intralox's standard services and guarantees, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Agro Sevilla




Series 400 Raised Rib belt


Belt life of 10 years (45,000 production hours) and counting

Zero maintenance

Satisfaction with Intralox services and guarantees

Agro Sevilla
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