Intralox Solves Attianese's Palletizing Challenges

"Deciding to install the Intralox solution has been more than just a choice about equipment - it has been a real turning point toward innovation and increased profits.  Intralox is the supplier who can help your business grow."

At its main plant, located in Nocera Superiore, Salerno, Italy, Attianese Food Industry produces a variety of tomato-based products, including tomato paste, chopped tomatoes,and pizza sauces. The plant covers an area of approximately 50,000 m2 (538,000 sq. ft.) and operates six days a week for 96 hours each week.

Officials at the Nocera Superiore plant wanted to upgrade the palletizing technology in the packaging area. The equipment used previously,which consisted of short conveyors and motorized stainless steel rollers, was the source of many challenges. The equipment was noisy,occupied a large amount of space,and impeded the plant’s throughput capacity. Also, the harsh manner with which items were handled caused product damage, leading to waste and high levels of maintenance.

Attianese partnered with Intralox to upgrade its palletizing technology. Intralox was chosen because of its track record for quality, service, and support, as well as the successful results that Intralox belting had delivered in other parts of Attianese’s main plant.

In conjunction with Agromeccanica,an Italian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that services the food industry, Intralox proposed several optimized layouts for the packaging area. These proposals included software simulations that modeled the Attianese plant’s specific conditions.

Attianese chose to install multiple Intralox Activated Roller Belt (ARB) equipment pieces. These included an ARB 90-Degree Transfer S400 Passive On, an ARB Switch S400 1:2, and two DARB Sorters S400. In addition, Attianese also installed a complete package of Intralox modular plastic belts, including Intralox Series 1000 Insert Roller belting for cost-effective low-pressure accumulation of small packages.

The Intralox solution has resolved all of the challenges that the Attianese plant experienced with its previous technology. Productivity has increased due to the ARB equipment’s higher throughput capacity. At the same time, the system’s gentler handling of packages has resulted in lower levels of product damage, maintenance, and waste. In addition, Intralox’s equipment occupies less floor space, and is less noisy, than the previous technology. This has helped optimize the Nocera Superiore plant’s layout and working conditions.

Intralox’s ARB and modular plastic technology requires fewer workers to oversee and maintain than Attianese’s previous technology, which has allowed the company to reduce its manual labor costs. This reduction, combined with the other improvements Intralox’s technology has brought to the area, has decreased the plant’s total packaging costs by 25%. Pasquale Mara Terenzio Attianese, the company’s owner, praised the effects that Intralox’s technology has had on Attianese’s operations:

“Deciding to install the Intralox solution has been more than just a choice about equipment—it has been a real turning point toward innovation and increased profits. Intralox is the supplier who can help your business grow.”


Attianese Food Industry


Palletizing Infeed System at Packaging Area


Layout Optimization with Activated Roller Belt (ARB™) Technology


Increased Productivity

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced Product Damage and Waste

Saved Floor Space

Reduced Noise

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