2.00 inch (50.80 mm) Pitch Side Flexing Belt:

Series 2700


Spiralox® 1.6 Radius

Series 2700 Spiralox® 1.6 Radius (belt)   Series 2700 Spiralox® 1.6 Radius (surface)


Spiralox® 2.7 Radius

Series 2700 Spiralox® 2.7 Radius (belt)   Series 2700 Spiralox® 2.7 Radius (surface)


Spiralox® DirectDrive 2.2 Series 2700 Direct Drive (belt)   Series 2700 Direct Drive (surface)


Dual Turning 2.0
 S2700DualTurning 2.0 - (belt)   S2700DualTurning 2.0 - (surface)
Side Drive Dual Turning  Series 2700 Side Drive Dual Turning Wrap   Series 2700 Side Drive Dual Turning Surface


More 2.00 inch (50.80 mm) pitch side flexing belt series:  Series 2600, Series 3000


For any additional information about your belt, your Intralox representative will be happy to assist you.


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