Straight Belt-Support

Straight Belt

Step 2 : Measure your belt's pitch.

The "pitch" is defined as the distance between the center point of one belt rod ("hinge rod") to the center of the next rod.


Step 3 : Select the series with your belt's pitch.

A "series" is an Intralox family of belt "styles" which run on the same design of drive sprocket.

From the list of pitches below, click on a series that corresponds to your belt's pitch. You will see a photo of each belt style in that series. Compare the photos to your belt, to determine which series and style of belt you have. If none of the photos matches your belt, select the next available series in your belt pitch diameter.

0.315 inch (8.00 mm) pitch: Series 550
0.50 inch (12.70 mm) pitch: Series 1500
0.60 inch (15.20 mm) pitch: Series 1000Series 1100
1.00 inch (25.40 mm) pitch: Series 100Series 1400Series 1600Series 1650
1.01 inch (25.70 mm) pitch: Series 9000
1.07 inch (27.20 mm) pitch: Series 900
1.44 inch (36.60 mm) pitch: Series 1200
1.50 inch (38.10 mm) pitch: Series 1700
1.52 inch (38.60 mm) pitch: Series 1750
2.00 inch (50.80 mm) pitch: Series 200Series 400Series 800Series 850 , Series 888, Series 4400 , Series 4500
2.07 inch (52.60 mm) pitch: Series 1900
2.50 inch (63.50 mm) pitch: Series 1800
3.00 inch (76.00 mm) pitch: Series 10000


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