High-Speed 90-degree Sorting

  • High-speed 90-degree sorting

    Intralox’s DARB™ Sorter S4500 and DARB Sorter S4550 provide bi-directional right angle sorting at rates up to 250 packages per minute, gently and effectively. Our DARB sorters are ideal solutions for sorting a variety of products and feature a range of key capabilities.

    • Sorting with tight divert spacing
    • Diverting to a single destination or multiple destinations in a short footprint
    • Sorting at right-angles at high speeds, specializing in sorting at rates starting above 40-60 packages per minute
    • Conveying difficult to handle packages
      • Long (>36 in; 91 cm), short (<9 in; 23 cm), heavy (>75 lb; 34 kg), light (<1 lb; .45 kg)
      • Polybags, shrink wrapped PET, crates, and top heavy items



    Other Common Applications
    Bulk sorting
    Polybag handling
    Layer descrambling
    Mini load AS/RS infeeding/outfeeing
    Zone picking